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Tani Han

1680PA Wireless LAN - Installation & Configuration.htm

1681PA Wireless LAN - Basic Function test.htm

2085PA Wireless Adapter or Driver Unique function test.htm

2086PA Wireless Reliability or Integration or Performance test.htm

2201PA Wireless LAN - Security (Encryption) verification test.htm

2367PA Wireless Function - Roaming Feature test.htm

2550PA Wireless Function Test.htm

2633PA Wireless Radio Control - Hotkey verification test.htm

2831PA Opera Pre-Desktop area Web browser application verification test.htm

3189PA Wireless Security Function Test.htm

3191PA Wireless Authentication - Windows Native Verification.htm

3192PA EAPTLS Wireless Authentication Verification.htm

3193PA WPA or WPA2-PSK Wireless Authentication Verification.htm

3194PA LEAP Wireless Authentication Verification.htm

3195PA PEAPCHAP Wireless Authentication Verification.htm

3196PA PEAPGTC Wireless Authentication Verification.htm

3197PA EAPTTLS Wireless Authentication Verification.htm

3198PA EAPFAST Wireless Authentication Verification.htm

3200PA UST - Wireless Profile swtiching or roaming verification.htm

3201PA User Scenerio Test.htm

3414PA WL Authentication with MultiDomain verification Test.htm

3489PA CX4 function verification using Access Connection.htm

3543PA MIMO Unique Function test with Multiple AP.htm

3852PA Windows-7 Network Team related test items.htm

3997PA FVT Wireless Security Function Verification Test.htm

4073PA FVT Wireless Function verification test.htm

4501PA Intel AMT 8.0 KVM Verification.htm

4502PA Intel AMT 8.0 - WebGUI Verification.htm

4503PA Intel AMT 8.0 - MEBx UI and settings verification.htm

4796PA =ROOT==Obsolete=Lenovo Mobile Access - MVNO Test case.htm

5163PA -draft- Wired LAN Function Verification.htm

5397PA Enhanced Wireless Testing.htm

5398PA Wireless signal interference Test - Wireless Develoment Team.htm

5401PA Wireless Quality.htm

5708PA -draft- Wireless WAN Function test Verification.htm

5709PA -draft- Mobile Hotspot Function Verification.htm

5710PA -draft- Wireless LAN Installation and Configuration.htm

5711PA -draft- Wireless LAN Function test Verification.htm

5712PA -draft- Mobile Hotspot Stress Test.htm

5713PA -draft- Wireless LAN - Access Points Connectivity Verification Test.htm

5714PA -draft- Mobile Hotspot User scenario Test.htm

5714PA -draft- Wireless LAN Roaming and User Scenario Test.htm

5814PA DASH Function.htm

5815PA RealManage Setup Agent.htm